Da Lagoon and Vicenza

23 04 2011

Spent the day in the “city of canals/masks/bridges/etc”. It was packed with tourists, but we managed to escape the masses and roam around viewing quiet neighborhoods filled with ancient Italians (seriously, how do they live so long?). Gondolas slowly drifted throughout the canals carrying couples and families as well as over-sized groups. We found the cultural and political center of the city, St. Mark’s Square, where huge lines formed to enter the Basillca di San Marco.

While in the square, we learned of the city’s constant struggles with daily flooding; hardly a side note to life in the city.  On a more positive note, classic views emerged turn after turn while wandering along the Canal Grande, including the famous bridge, Ponte di Rialto.

Random Canal

Sweet View of Canal Grande

St. Mark's Square

After strolling through random neighborhoods and shops in Dorsoduro, San Marco and Castello, we stopped for lunch and then continued our venture to the San Polo area.  A few hours later, we stopped along the Canal Grande and took a break to enjoy the view while sipping on some classic cocktails (by the way, the Bellini was invented here).


Looking towards San Marco

Later, we decided to head over to Vicenza and meet up with Lisa. We caught the ferry and grabbed our belongings. A short bus/train ride later, Andrew picked us up from the station and off we went. In the evening we hung out with Lisa, Andrew and Savannah.

Now to complete some more applications and figure out where the next place to go will be. We should know hopefully by the middle of next week where we will be working and when we start. Then either off to tour Europe for a few weeks or directly to southeast Asia.