All work and no play…

16 08 2012

I’ve been quite busy working the past month. In all honesty it isn’t too exciting to blog or read about. The good news is that I have been saving as much as possible and making moves. I am leaving Taiwan in the near future. I have put in my notice at Gloria and my last day of work will be October 13.

I will leave Taiwan most likely the following week, unless I decide to cycle a few more areas that have still evaded me. I plan to travel through a few countries in southeast Asia before heading back stateside.

Last weekend was my friend Ivan’s birthday. We did an awesome hike involving multiple river crossings before forgetting about the trail entirely and heading directly up the river to a gorgeous waterfall.  Such ends this pathetic excuse for an update. I just bought a camera and promise to share more in the future.

Making our way to the falls


Fun waterfall hidden off a trail in Yilan