Shimen Reservoir

2 05 2012

Armed with a day off work, Rachel and I made our way towards the mountains. Just over  5 km from Longtan, Shimen Reservoir is one of my favorite escapes from the busy streets of Chungli.

A view not too familiar to those on the eastern side of Taiwan

Look hard and you can see Chungli in the distance

The park is huge and chock-full of small little escapes within the dense trees. The dam itself is quite the view to walk along as well, and on a clear day you can even make out Taipei.


We spent the day roaming between the maple trees, strolling along the dam and reservoir, and cruising on the scooter throughout the park.

All of the trees are growing off the side of a mountain; makes the world little a little off-center

A view of the backside, overlooking the mountains.

At a point which overlooks the dam

We exited through the back side of the park, and were quickly in place for another awesome relaxing stroll along the Old Baiji Tunnel and Shaded Trail.

The trip came to a halt when we were caught in the middle of a heavy downpour about as far away from the scooter, and our rain gear, as we could possible be. We drove home drenched and called it a day. Definitely worth the visit if you’ve never been.